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There she sat, a princess in her castle. Alone in the tallest tower, left to die by those who wished her harm. Her worst enemy: herself, her knight in shining armor: none.
No one was coming to save her.
No one even cared she was there.
She was alone with nothing but her thoughts for company.
And ever so present were they.
"Secret," they had whispered. "Secret." Their soft monotone caressed her cheek. The affection of a love once lost.
"Nobody," another murmured. This one wrapped around her throat, threatening to choke. It never did, just gave her the ever present fear.
"Unrequited," said another, weaving in and out of the holes in her chest, bothering the still fresh wound.
"Disgrace." A more harsh mutter bit at her flesh, taking pieces with it as it went.
"Liar!" The more aggressive screamed, cutting her thighs in quick, even strokes.
"Whore!" The twin screamed, slashing up the waist.
The princess sat still during all of this, her thoughts killing her slowly. Many times in the past had she tried to fight them off. Now she accepted it, it was habit.
"Heart breaker." This was a slap across the cheek.
She sucked in a breath of air, perhaps to scream, but released it. She was too broken and beaten to yell.
And then she wasn't. There he was. In the doorway.
Her thoughts had vanished, leaving them alone.
All was golden.
The clock struck twelve.
He bid her farewell.
Then, in the back of the silence,
"Secret," it had whispered. "Secret." The monotone wormed it's way back against her cheek.
Comforting the wounds sure to come.
I wasn't entirely sure where to put this in terms of category. If it's in the wrong place, I apologize. Direct me to the correct location and I'll change it <3
Fairy tale, not Firy tale, but still, a nice story :P I really hate this 100 word limit as i never want to write 100 words so im just going to write garbage now..... nsfjgberf ahgeug sdugus fusdgbh yg ugug yg uygu guguy g ug y gu ygu g uyuy gu ygu gyuyu gu u g yug ug uy ug gu gu gu y gug u gu g ug u gu g ug tf rf tr fy tf yr 6 5fy ty ytf75 f6 f tf y 5 65f y tfy t 5yt y 5f ytf y5 hahahaha, that was fun :P
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December 24, 2012
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